We are a small team of professionals passionate about web development. Over the last ten years we’ve built various great web applications following the best practices and the most popular trends.

We build PHP web applications, using almost any popular PHP framework: Symfony, Zend Framework, Yii, Laravel and others. We keep strong quality control along with automated testing using our well-known Codeception project.

Our minds are not narrowed to PHP. We are using JavaScript, Ruby, Java, Scala and other programming languages. We are experienced in a wide range of web technologies as well.

We develop using Agile practices. For issue and bug tracking we use our own tool Bugira, but should you like others better, we have no problems using Trac, Redmine or Jira.


  • Databases: MySQL, Sqlite, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • Web: HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, JQuery, ExtJS, CoffeeScript, EmberJS
  • Version Control: Git
  • OS: Linux, Windows

Our Projects

Codeception - the mature BDD-style full-stack testing framework. It provides simple DSL for writing acceptance, functional and unit tests. It has integration with various frameworks, such as symfony, symfony2, Zend Framework, Kohana, SocialEngine and Doctrine. Any functional test written for one framework can be run in another one with no changes in code! - the home of JavaScript libraries. Blog, ratings, comments and categorizations have been made.

Bugira - bug-tracker and project management software.

Robo - modern and simple PHP task runner inspired by Grunt and Rake.

Symfohub - the web site where Symfony developers can discover plugins and bundles for their favorite frameworks. Blog, ratings, comments and categorizations have been made.


Do you want to check our code? No problems, it is already on GitHub!