If you are running a startup and looking for a team to develop it, you are just in the right place! We will help you choose the best technologies to suit your needs, design a clear and scalable architecture and improve project stability with automated testing.

We develop projects from scratch and maintain already running web applications as well. We work on non-trivial web projects, such as web-services (REST, SOAP etc.), social networks, ERP-systems, e-commerce (with PayPal, etc.), messaging (chats, sms gates, IM protocols) and portals.

A rapidly growing project requires clean architecture and good test coverage. If you experience problems of project growth, we can help you perform refactoring, write acceptance, functional, and unit tests with our full stack testing framework Codeception and generate documentation on their basis.


  • Database architecture: distributed storage, high-loaded systems, OLAP, optimization
  • System architecture: program design patterns, API-based architecture, distributed task management (Gearman)
  • E-commerce: PayPal, Authorize.Net integration, recurring payments, flexible payments.
  • Mobile Technologies: sending/receiving SMS via SMPP gateway and webservices.
  • Search Engines: Sphinx integration with real-time indexing and geolocation.
  • Data Mining: Smart RSS aggregators, web page scrappers, twitter analyzer.
  • WebServices: OAuth, REST, SOAP, XML-RPC.